Episode 9: Corrie Recchia – Teaching & Protecting Our Children

Episode 9: Corrie Recchia – Teaching & Protecting Our Children

About This Episode:

In episode 9, Amy and Emily have an open discussion on the current events around school security with 3rd grade teacher, Corrie Recchia. The girls discuss their perspective on the need for increased school security and teachers having the option to defend themselves and their students. Corrie discusses dressing for concealed carry at the workplace, where to carry on-body, and what types of training she does in order to defend herself in a state that has strict gun control in place.

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2 Replies to “Episode 9: Corrie Recchia – Teaching & Protecting Our Children”

  1. Good talk today.
    Amy mentioned a teacher friend who doesn’t want to consider carrying because she really just wants to be a teacher to her kids, I sincerely hope she reconsiders . And honestly , anyone who thinks…it won’t happen to me…Not think of it as another part of the job they have to take on, but as an extra life saving tool like learning first aid, or cpr.

    Malicious People are getting bolder in their ways and we need to counter and even be a step ahead.
    (Please no hate comments on this. I rewrote it probably 50 times to try and not sound offensive. I have teacher friends too!)

    1. Thank you for listening and for your comment. Evil people are going to find there way to do harm and we need to do what we can to be prepared no matter what our profession entails because it can happen anywhere and to anyone.

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