Episode 48: Girl Chat – Getting Home Safe

Episode 48: Girl Chat – Getting Home Safe

About This Episode:

In this week’s episode, Amy and Emily discuss an abduction in Boston that left a young woman missing and later found murdered. While the media will tell the tragic story, they rarely provide solutions for women’s self-defense. The girls talk about preparedness and starting the conversation with yourself as well as with someone you know that might be new to a self-reliant lifestyle. The girls also discuss less lethal defense tools and the importance of making training a priority.

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Text When You Get Home – Article from Boston Globe
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  1. Love this… yes, let’s TALK about the elephant in the room!! I’ve been catching up on all the podcasts – thanks for what you do! I’m blessed to have my CCW in CA… but ironically i can not get a Kimber Pepper Blaster ?

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