Episode 81 – Girl Chat: Finding Community on Social Media

About This Episode: In this week’s episode, Amy and Emily share an email from a listener about her a-ha moment and the non-acceptance of her 2A lifestyle amongst family and friends. The girls talk in-depth about finding community within social media and the 2A community. Additionally, the girls share the latest things happening with Style […]

Episode 79 – I Will Not Comply with Dianna Muller

About This Episode: “I will not comply with the assault weapons ban.” These words immediately went viral when Dianna Muller provided her statement to the House Judiciary Committee during the “Protecting America from Assault Weapons” hearing. Dianna is the founder of the DC Project, a non-profit educational initiative to meet with legislatures as gun owners […]

Episode 78 – Education and Training with Bree Warner

About This Episode: In this week’s episode, Amy and Emily welcome back to the show Bree Warner of TactiGalNYC. Bree is leading the charge in female firearms training and has designed an all new TactiGal Training Series that covers everything from firearms fundamentals to advanced techniques. Bree shares what to expect with the training series […]