Episode 40: Full Conceal Carry with Bethany

Bethany Full Conceal

About This Episode:

In today’s episode, Amy and Emily join Bethany at the Full Conceal booth at SHOT Show 2019.  Bethany  is the Marketing Consultant for Full Conceal and definitely Not Your Average Gun Girl. Grab a cheeseburger and settle in for a really fun episode full of cooking tips, badass women, and gun talk.  Hear Bethany’s journey on getting her first gun to carrying and training.  Also learn about the innovative products Full Conceal brings to the firearm industry and why it’s a great option for women.

Sponsored By:

Thank you to Full Conceal for sponsoring this episode. Full Conceal is the innovative concealed carry pistol that is changing the expectations of EDC. Their game-changing M3D (converted Glock 19) and M3S (converted Glock 43) are just a few in the line of new editions to the concealed carry world.

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