Episode 42: Picking the Best Ammo with Kristi Heuring

Kristi Heuring

About This Episode:

In today’s episode, Amy and Emily are joined by Kristi Heuring at the Aguila Ammunition booth during SHOT Show 2019. Kristi is the Director of Marketing for Aguila Ammunition and is leading the way to introduce shooting sports to new shooters. Listen in to hear about the 2019 Aguila Cup that is a shooting sports experience for new shooters and how you can sign up. You don’t even need to own a firearm or bring ammunition! Learn how Kristi got into the firearms industry and the girls talk about the best types of ammunition to have in your home defense and personal defense firearms.

Sponsored By:

Thank you to Aguila Ammunition for sponsoring this episode. Your guns are hungry. They crave lead and feast on recoil. They’re born with a glutenous appetite for speed and accuracy. We are Aguila Ammunition. We believe that getting the most out of your firearm begins with what you put into your firearm. And that’s why we only source the best raw materials to manufacture the best ammunition possible. Ammunition that’s reliable, dependable shot after shot. Ammunition that holds nothing back when it comes to performance, quality and innovation. Yes, ammunition that your guns with downright devour. Let the feeding frenzy begin.

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