Episode 53: Developing a Ninja Warrior Mindset with Emmi Rose

Emmi Rose

About This Episode:

Imagine you’re walking to meet your friends for a night out but instead a stranger abducts you at gun point and your life flashes before your eyes. What’s your plan? Do you have a fighting mentality and the will to survive? Amy and Emily welcome Emmi Rose to this week’s eye opening show. Join the girls as Emmi shares her story of surviving a random violent crime. Hear about how she survived by having a strong mindset, staying focused, and having a plan. Now in a career as a law enforcement officer, Emmi is doing her part to keep our communities safe. In her free time she also is spreading her message of female empowerment, teaching other women to shoot, and training for her third season competing on American Ninja Warrior (ANW). The girls talk about the preparation required for ANW and how anyone with a goal can overcome negativity. Emmi also shares her favorite off duty carry gun and a holster she will literally do a back-flip over.

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